Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sock Storage

I don't know about you, but I hate matching baby socks. Well, to be honest, I hate matching socks period. The hardest part with baby socks, though, is how to store them. If I put them in a basket or a drawer I forget about them. If I leave them out somewhere obvious A. loves to grab them and strew them about the house. Last winter I had a small basket of socks that were all the same and I just grabbed two socks and hoped they matched. I haven't worried about it for months though because it has been far too warm to even think about socks. However, as our weather is finally cooling down a bit my thoughts turned back to socks and how to organize them. My MIL was kind enough to send us some adorable socks, but no two pairs are the same so my grab and go method wasn't gonna cut it. I needed something though because A. was getting awful tired of cold feet and a mom that kept forgetting she had socks. Then I had an idea...I rummaged around my sewing room and within 5 minutes all the socks were sorted, matched and put "away" where I wouldn't be able to forget about them!I had some tiny clothespins that had been part of the diaper cake I'd been given at my baby shower and I strung them on some white dishcloth cotton. I tied the string to two pushpins and voila! I now have a place where the pairs of socks can go. They hang over the changing table so I can easily grab a matching pair when I am dressing A. in the morning. I can also always see what I have to work with and if I am starting to run low. The best part is that it solves the problem of a lack of decoration on A.'s walls (as well as the question of what to do with those tiny clothespins).

What do you think? Do you have any other great ways to organize socks or other baby things? I'd love to hear them, the rest of her room could use some work...


  1. That is adorable and utilitarian. I dig.

  2. Adorable! I'm actually planning to do something similar with family photos hanging in the same way. Love the indoors clothesline idea!