Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Playing at the Park

It wasn't long ago that I felt like A. was too young for the park. After all, she is only just learning to walk, what if she fell? But we both enjoyed being outside in the mornings so we would go for a walk or a jog with her in the stroller. Frequently we would end by circling the neighborhood park before heading home so that I could finish out my distance. One day I ran into another mom with a baby about the same age as A. and we were talking and walking and then she did something I had never considered...She stopped at the playground and pulled her baby from the stroller. She checked that the playground equipment wasn't too hot and then let her baby start crawling on the toddler part of the park. I looked closer and realized that it was well thought out and as long as I stayed nearby A. really couldn't fall far so I pulled her out too.

Now this is a morning tradition. Sometimes we meet friends, sometimes it is just us, but no morning is quite as nice if we don't spend at least a few minutes playing at the park.

Day by day A. has gotten better and better at walking and climbing (she tried running, but fell flat on her face...) and she is learning what she can and cannot do safely. As we are both learning her limits I find that I can step back a tiny bit and let her explore. I know where she might need a hand and where a fall won't really hurt anything but her pride.

I am loving this little tradition and can't wait until she's sure enough of herself that I can sit back with my knitting and watch her go. It is amazing to watch her growing up right before my eyes.

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