Thursday, August 5, 2010

Take a Hike!

The teething continues...A. is not sleeping well and to say that she is "fussy" would be an understatement. Sometimes she is happy to play for a bit, but as soon as she gets distracted from her play she is not a happy camper. Meanwhile the high today was 105 and it was already in the mid 80s and sticky by 8am. We both love going for walks, but this is not walking weather. So here we are, trapped. Or were, until I decided to go for a hike. We have a mountain nearby and the elevation makes it cooler up there than it is down here. So grabbed my gear (well, actually I grabbed DH's fanny pack and threw my first aid kit, survival kit, snacks and water into it) and the BabyHawk, threw on my boots and off we went to a trail I hadn't hiked since I was pregnant with A. (After making sure that DH knew our exact ETA and which trails we'd be on, of course.)

A. napped in the car on the way up the mountain and was more than happy to ride on my back while we had an "adventure". We saw flowers, and ladybugs and beautiful views. I told her about some of the different plants and we watched birds hop along the trail. We were lucky to find random strangers willing to take a picture of us and had a blast. We even saw something that is very rare here in the Southwest, we saw water!

I am so glad that we went for a hike this morning. We can't do it every morning (I am envious of those that can), but as an occasional treat it is lovely. I can't think of a better way to have spent the morning with my poor teething girl.

What do you do to distract yourself from unpleasant things? Do you have a special place that you go? And for you moms, any tips on dealing with the teething? We've tried everything from teething tablets to tylenol to cold teething rings and I'm afraid of ambisol. At this point I'm assuming we'll have to weather it out and hope the teeth come soon, but if anyone has tips I'd love to hear it.


  1. You tried taggies? ... those blankets with tags? Not sure if that's what they're for... but it does give something to suck/gnaw on.

  2. Thanks for the advice. She has a taggie style blanket that I had made for her and she doesn't seem to want it right now. All she really wants is to be held and comforted so she's getting a lot of that right now...