Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Peaches and Zuccinni and Greenbeans, Oh My!

This has been a crazy, crazy weekend. I'd love to fill you all in, but it will take a while. Also, there is one more post in my "Sewing for Baby" series that will be focusing on where to buy handmade items for your child. However, life has been so crazy lately that it is still only half written. Therefore, first I will update you guys on life and then I will finish that post and post it. Last Saturday we took part in what is quickly becoming an annual tradition for our family. We piled into the car with some friends and drove to a U-Pick orchard and farm about an hour away. When we got there it was drizzling off and on and cool, but not cold. We started off in the peach orchard where each family picked 18-20lbs of peaches. We also enjoyed peach ice cream, kettle corn and good company. I can't think of a better way to spend a day. Unless of course you then head over to pick veggies like we did.There were so many yummy vegetables, but the rain had stopped and the day was getting warm and muggy so we went quickly. We started with bell peppers and moved on to zucchini. I must say, these were some off the happiest zucchini I have ever seen, and quite tasty too. We also picked a bunch of green beans for freezing. It is so easy to freeze green beans and they are so much better and cheaper this way. We picked 5 lbs and will pick more when we go back for apples in the fall. The only problem was that picking produce ran into A's nap time, luckily she was more than happy to snuggle in and fall asleep on Daddy's back despite the heat. If you have kids or would like to have more control over where your veggies come from (or both) U-pick orchards and farms make for a fun weekend. Between freezing, canning and dehydrating you can save a lot of food for winter while saving money. It takes a lot of time to pick and preserve your own food, but when that time is spent working together as a family it can be a wonderful adventure. (Plus, a counter full of peaches make it hard to resist replacing at least one meal with peach cobber.)


  1. I made people (um, Mark) come in and look at the picture of The Booger with The Peach. That is just way, way too cute. I'm flooded with oxytocin just looking at her adorableness. Also, it took me a bit to realize that that is your left shoulder. I am a dirty old man, deep down inside.

  2. Hahaha... oh Maria, you are too funny.

    I love your trip to the farm! I just gotta say, my zucchini are better :p