Friday, August 13, 2010

Imperfectly Adorable...

I was reading a blog post today about imperfection and how none of us really talk about the bad or hard parts of our lives or the ways in which we fail. That made me think of this video of A. playing with the dog. It is horribly cute, but you can see what a mess the house is and she was only wearing a diaper (my only excuse is that it was right after dinner). I worried that people might judge me because (in addition to everything else) I am letting the dog play with my baby and shouldn't I be protecting her better? That said, it is a cute video (or at least I think so) and in my heart I know that the clutter has since been picked up, A. is now dressed in her PJ's happily sleeping, and the dog in question is incredibly tolerant and would never try to hurt her (plus DH and I were both right there). Therefore, please enjoy it (and if you want to judge my house or my parenting, please don't tell me).


  1. I love how hard Audrey is cute! And, just for the record, Ezra only wears a diaper at home (this is summer in AZ afterall), and I believe that a messy house is a sign of lots of good play good job! :)

  2. Precious! Absolutely precious! And you hit on something that I think I'm going to write a little bit more about...failure. I think we, as women, feel like failures if we're not living up to what we "think" other people have/do/experience/etc. Know what I mean? Elli wears just her diaper all the time! Especially last week w/ the A/C on the fritz! Ha! And my house is a mess 99% of the time, but I'm like you and I don't show it :) Anyway, I had to comment b/c I'm so very glad that you put up this sweet video. That's your life right there...all the no-so-perfect parts are what makes it so incredibly special!

  3. Abby and Amy, thank you both for your wonderful comments, I'm glad you enjoyed the video. I'm glad to know I'm not the only mom that doesn't have their baby dressed in cute clothes 24/7 and is more likely to have toys on the floor than not.

    Amy, I'd love it if you talked more openly about stuff because you always seem like the perfect mom both from what you post and what I hear via the grapevine. You are right that it is really easy to feel like a failure if you aren't living up to what seems to be the common expectations. I almost have to wonder where they come from since very few of us actually manage to meet them all...

  4. You are WAY not the only mom with the toys on the floor and the baby not in perfect matching everything. Shoot, just tonight the husband and I (just finishing up congratulating ourselves on our AWESOME because of some test scores and homework improvements) realized that we can't remember when our son bathed last. Which probably means it has been...uhhhhhhhh...ummmmmmmm...ya. Too long. "OK, and now, I take BACK my high five because we are NOT awesome..."

    That is the cutest laugh EVER. Thanks for sharing it.