Monday, September 6, 2010

Vacationing, Part 2

In the last post I said I would tell you more about the wedding. Unfortunately, all I can say is that it was really nice, quite pretty and a load of fun. We were didn't get any pictures of the ceremony and only a few at any other point. Other people have a ton of great pictures, but DH was so busy trying to photograph the double rainbow that appeared over the happy couple after the ceremony that we didn't really get any ourselves. Here are the rainbows (sans happy couple), pretty neat, huh?
The only other high point we got on film was when A. got to dance with the bride. Too bad we missed the rest, guess that means we were having too good a time.

The next day we took it pretty easy and hung out relaxing all morning. A. practiced her walking with some help from her grandma.

Then they sat down to play. We had brought toys, but A. preferred wooden spoons and mixing bowls.
She also liked the dog toys. Shiloh wasn't sure exactly what to think of that...

But he decided that she was pretty cool and hung out with her anyway.
A. also decided to show us useful a mixing bowl can be. Not only can it be used to hold things...
It also makes a great helmet!
The next day it was time to go. Everyone helped with the packing, we wouldn't want to forget anything. :)
After a lot of fun and some great times with family it was time to go home. My MIL dropped us off at the airport and we hurried to the gate only to find that it was super crowded and our plane was delayed a bit. (We flew Southwest so "delayed" meant 15 minutes behind schedule.) Luckily, the SLC airport has a great play space for kids after the security checkpoint. We were able to backtrack and let A. play until half an hour before our flight and then go get in line to get on the plane.
After what seemed like a long flight (but actually wasn't) due to a hyper baby and a full plane we landed and my dad picked us up from the airport. We then collected our pets from my parent's house, ate a quick dinner and headed home. Late that night we fell into our own beds happy to have gone and happy to be home again. The next morning it was time for the week to start again...

I don't know which I like better about vacations, getting away and doing neat things or coming back home. What about you? Which do you prefer?


  1. It doesn't matter how awesome the vacation is. The best part is ALWAYS coming home and finally crashing in your own bed. I always clean my apartment just before leaving to maximize this effect.

  2. "Ho Ha Woah! It's a Double Rainbow! It's starting to look like a TRIPLE rainbow! It's so vivid!"

    Google "Youtube Double Rainbow Guy"... hilarious.