Sunday, September 5, 2010

Vacationing, Part 1

It has been over a week and a half since I last blogged. Sorry guys, I have no excuse except that I was on vacation and have been playing catch-up ever since I got back. We went up for a family wedding, but fit in a few adventures as well. We had a great time so I thought I'd share some of our travel pictures.

On the first full day of our trip we took the train from downtown Salt Lake City to Ogden. This is a commuter train so the fares were really reasonable and my MIL knew of a great ice cream shop near the train station. We took the bus from the train station and were rewarded with delicious burgers and ice cream for lunch. The neatest part was sitting around after lunch chatting with the owner and watching her make ice cream with an old John Deere tractor.
After lunch we decided to walk back to the train station and discovered that Ogden has some really neat statues. The had painted horses and a few of these cute little bronze statues. DH took this picture of one of our favorites.
As we were walking down the street we then came across a yarn shop. They had a great selection (which made me happy) and A/C which made everyone else happy. DH, my MIL and A. were kind enough to put up with me browsing for half an hour and I came away with some lovely lace weight yarn and the book Knitted Lace of Estonia by Nancy Bush. We then walked to the train station and A. fell asleep on the way.
I managed to shift her so that she got a good nap on the train and then she woke up an hour or so later to enjoy the rest of the ride home.
That afternoon we took a (very) little hike near my MIL's condo.
The next day we went to the aquarium. A. loved seeing all the animals. here she is looking at the jelly fish exhibit.
DH also managed to get some good pictures of the sharks.
And one of us sitting in their little "photo op" display of a canoe going down the Amazon...
We continued wandering around and saw everything from penguins to turtles. Here is a picture of us looking at the caimen.
Later that day we went to the wedding, but that is a topic for the next post...


  1. Looks like they un-buggered your glasses before the trip. They look quite nice on you. Also, The Booger is officially the cutest child ever to live. I will hear no argument on this topic.

  2. So glad u blogged about ur vaca bc I kept forgetting to ask when I saw u after u got back. Glad y'all had a good time & love the pics. Thanks for sharing. BTW, I agree that A is super duper cute w/her million $ smile :D

  3. I love the showcase of multiple carriers in use! Glad you had a great vacation!

  4. Thanks for the complements.

    Abby, I wasn't even thinking about it as showcasing the different carriers, we only brought the three. It really was a case of using what was best for each instance. The Ergo is great for hiking and ease of use, but it was warm in Ogden so we switched out to the linen ring sling to keep us both cool. At the aquarium I used the woven wrap because I can get A. higher on my back so she can easily look over my shoulder to see the exhibits. We stuck with the woven wrap for the wedding because it is the most versatile and she naps better in it than in the Ergo. That said, now I bet you can see why we have so many carriers... :)

  5. Teresa, I finally added your blog to my favorites so I can keep up on all your wonderful recipes and life with Miss A. She is beautiful, and it looks like the trip was a grand success.