Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Milestones aka. Growing-up Too Fast

Almost a week ago now A. started crawling. This milestone felt like it took forever to get here, not because she was behind, but because she had been "army crawling" for a couple of months before this and showed no signs of ever wanting to crawl properly. I had given up on expecting her to ever crawl normally as she was getting around well enough and was starting to really pull-up and cruise. After all, why crawl when you can walk? Every once in a while she would get up on her hands and knees and go a couple of feet, but then she'd drop down on her belly and take off. Her doctor wasn't worried so I decided not be either and had gotten used to my army crawling girl. Then one day my world changed. I woke up and she was crawling. (Quite literally, she'd been playing with my husband when she started crawling and I was still in bed getting a few extra minutes of sleep.) I was really proud of her and tried hard not to focus on how much more of a big girl she looks like.

Then over the weekend we attempted another new thing. We never did buy a baby bathtub and when she was tiny we just bathed her in the kitchen sink. By the time she outgrew the sink she could sit up reasonably well, but wasn't stable enough to be trusted in the tub on her own so I would get in the bathtub with her. She could sit and play while holding onto my legs and it was a great way for us both to get clean. At this point it has been a while since she has needed to grab onto me and she is quite comfortable in the water so we decided to let her try being in there on her own (with close supervision of course). She loved having the extra space to play with her boat and we now have a new bath-time routine.

If all this growing up wasn't enough yesterday afternoon I got confirmation that her recent crankiness is the result of teething. Her first tooth is now poking through her gums! At 9.5 months it's about time and having a tooth will let her eat some things that she hasn't been able to handle yet. I am happy for her and jumped for joy when I felt that tiny tooth, but at the same time all these things happening at once make me feel like I'm loosing my baby. I am loving watching her grow up, but I miss the tiny baby that I cuddled in my arms for so many months. That said, I am loving the little girl she is becoming.


  1. Aunties require adorable/goofy pictures of smiling babies with new teeth. Consider this a formal request.

  2. I can't get her to smile while holding still long enough to get the picture. I've been trying for two days now, but the thing is just barely poking through and she's still cranky. (At least intermittently.) She is also trying to get the camera and will stop whatever she is doing and crawl towards me to try and grab the camera whenever she hears the lens focusing...