Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Obligatory Akward Introductary Post

Hello World!

Can you tell I was a computer geek in a previous life. Technically I still am a bit of a computer geek, but since my daughter was born a little over 7 months ago that seems like a different life. Growing up I never thought of myself as a hippie (if the term crunchy existed I didn't know about it) and I certainly never thought I would be a housewife. I especially didn't know how much work or joy came with either role. I also didn't realize how much social isolation could be involved, though I am lucky to have found several other moms in the same boat. As I was sitting (or walking really, I rarely have time to sit) there thinking about how much life has changed I realized it might be nice to have a place to write it all down and a place to reflect on how life is and how it isn't. If anyone is reading (now or in the future) I'd love to hear from you. Leave a comment about your thoughts on motherhood whether you stay home or work or somewhere in between. If you don't have kids, are you planing on having them later or would you rather focus your energy elsewhere?

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